The Art of BEing… VISION


How many of you humans out there are challenged to see a bright, loving, joy filled future for the world at the moment? For those of you in agreement that this is challenging, I’d like to know how many of you actually make the time to visualize and imagine our world in a more loving


The Art of BEing… NON-ATTACHED

Depending on your view of the world today, you may find yourself being attached to some things or people that may not be serving you in the most loving way. Maybe your awareness is focused on what our government is doing at the moment. Maybe nuclear warfare is at the forefront of your thoughts, or


The Art of BEing… OPEN

Every human being is completely open when they come out of the womb. There are no perceivable obstructions or chatter in the mind. There is no fear of seeing something new and taking it all in. The path in front of us is clear and we move forward on it without hesitation. Crawling, stumbling, walking,

The Art of BEing… EXPANSIVE


When your “work” involves assisting people in seeing a different perspective or way of being, it is interesting to see how you and that person can mirror each other in experiences at times. It is interesting to share a solution with someone that you might want to be considering for yourself as well. Over the


The Art of BEing… BALANCE

As we move through life, we are offered opportunities to be present in each moment. All experiences provide the opportunity to be aware of all the synchronicities around us, but how often are we present enough to see them? The world does not stop because we have a busy day or when we do not


The Art of BEing… CLARITY

Since the end of February, I have been experiencing masses of change and big realizations about myself and my journey. I realized I have been telling myself that change is really fucking hard! Then, I realized I was just making it that way in my head. All the changes that have occurred are amazing and

The Art of BEing… CHANGE


  As we move forward each day, we are given the opportunity to make changes in our lives. We are given the opportunity to see what is no longer serving us by being more aware of how we are feeling and what we are dreaming. When my alarm goes off at 6:30am every morning, I


The Art of BEing… CONFIDENCE

  The Art of Being… CONFIDENCE. How many times in your life have you felt like something didn’t happen because you were not feeling assured in your abilities or just in yourself in general? Have you seen yourself trying to force something to happen because it’s what you were taught as a kid? Society seems


The Art of BEing… STILLNESS

The Art of BEing… STILL. What does stillness mean for you? The dictionary says, “not moving or making a sound”, but many clients that I work with seem to equate it to being “stuck”. The idea of stillness seems to be painful and a waste of time for them. In my own experience, I have



Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which someone who feels the “victim” undergoes a change of feeling and attitude toward another who has perceivably done something that caused them to feel offended. Many people are inclined to hang onto this victim mentality. However, when we let go of the un-loving feelings (i.e. revenger, anger,


The Art of BEing… MOMENTUM

Momentum, or the impetus gained by a moving object, can be highly illusive when it comes to being human. Speaking from my own experience, I have found myself to be a master of procrastination and disorganization when I feel momentum ramping up. Momentum can feel intimidating when it is guiding us (pushing us) into the


The Art of BEing… ABUNDANCE

When you think of the word “abundance”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it large sums of money flowing into your bank account? I see myself being showered with gifts, but abundance comes in many forms. The word “abundance” may also be connected to things that don’t feel good. No

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