How many of you humans out there are challenged to see a bright, loving, joy filled future for the world at the moment? For those of you in agreement that this is challenging, I’d like to know how many of you actually make the time to visualize and imagine our world in a more loving way each day? And, if you don’t make the time, how will anything ever change? Everything begins with a vision, an idea, a dream. Children have dreams and indulge in the possibilities of them as if they were already real and happening. Why is it as we “mature”, we seem to forget that these visions and dreams ARE real? Why do we believe as adults that Unicorns do not exist just because we don’t see them here in this physical world?

When we call people “visionaries” we are being aware of that person’s power of vision or sight. We recognize their abilities to see beyond this space and time to something different, not better or worse, just different. Maybe this different way of seeing allows others to consider something different in their lives as well. Whatever the case, allowing ourselves to see the many ways and options available allows us to be open to receive more insight. And, our insight becomes more expansive because we are no longer in a state of resistance. We let go of the picture in our head and allow the Universe to provide. We allow others to assist in our creation process. And, we know it’s “right” when it shows up because we now feel the vision that we were carrying within all along.

When I am envisioning something that I want to create in my world, I begin by writing down the details of the dream, of the desire. When I was manifesting the office space that I am currently in, I wrote down minute details of it. I wrote down what color the walls were and that it was within a 5-mile radius of my home. I wrote about creating my own art for those walls and thought about what kind of chairs we would sit on too. I began looking for options on Craigslist and found a few spaces that fit the list, but none of them had parking on site. And guess what? My list of desires for the office space did not include “free, ample parking”. Once I added this to the wish list, my current office showed up 3 blocks from my home a few days later. So, you can see with this example how powerful we truly are when we work with our intention, right?

When we focus our intention from a loving space, we are vibrating this positive, loving feeling out into the world in the process. Remember, the world responds to how we’re feeling about ourselves and our desires. If I wrote down the desires for my office without believing it was possible, it may have taken longer for it to appear, if at all. It would be like building a new home on an unstable or cracked foundation. We must begin each manifestation process with healthy and loving thoughts and beliefs. We must hold the vibration of those desires. It is “normal” to feel a bit discouraged when things don’t show up when you “think” they should. The question is, “How long do you hang out in that feeling of despair?” How long do you stay in the vibration of despair? The longer you remain, the longer things / opportunities take to arrive. So, really, how does it serve anyone to stay there?

I see many people choosing to stay in this feeling of hopelessness today. I see many people allowing themselves to be in a state of overwhelm because of the things happening around them. I see people believing these things are happening to them, instead of checking in to see where their frequency is vibrating at… Love or Fear.

What if Everyone chose to write down what their beautiful new world looks like without giving attention to their current state of affairs? What if we all wrote down the details of a loving, harmonious, CommUnity of Human Beings? Studies have shown crime rates dropping in areas of the USA when people meditate in groups focused on that purpose. I wonder if we did things like this more often, if our environment will change… Actually, I visualize it every day and choose to know that it is happening already. I challenge You to do the same and take notice of how your environment changes around you.

Change your thoughts, change your environment. Food for Thought!