Depending on your view of the world today, you may find yourself being attached to some things or people that may not be serving you in the most loving way. Maybe your awareness is focused on what our government is doing at the moment. Maybe nuclear warfare is at the forefront of your thoughts, or running on loop in the background, or unconscious mind. Maybe your focus is on material things and/or their sentimental value. Maybe you are focused on someone else’s experience that you don’t agree with and allow yourself to feel frustrated or irritated by them. It could be any of these things, but the common denominator is the energy behind the words in the unconscious mind.

In my own experience, the energy of these thoughts above do not feel very good inside. And if you believe that “what we project (your attitude), is what we attract (the outcome)”, then you might actually be contributing to the perpetuation of the exact issue you are in dis-agreement with because you are carrying a vibration of resistance.

Here are some things that I consider and the patterns that I have seen in my clients more often recently:

Why do the majority of humans seem to feel the need to hold onto, identify with, or be right about their beliefs?

Why do we seem to be on one side or the other?

Why does it seem “impossible” to be open to ALL options?

There are many things in this life that I prefer and there are definitely things that I prefer not to experience again, or ever. How I tell this story and the energy behind the words that I choose will reflect what is really going on inside of me. My outside experiences will show if I am living in a loving or unloving space. If I am in a constant state of anger or overwhelm (unloving), then I can guarantee that I will attract people vibrating in that same energetic space or practicing the same way of being. I may have the best intentions in what I am choosing to experience, but if I am unaware of the underlying stream of consciousness in the mind, I may not be able to create what I truly desire in my heart because of the negative thoughts I am projecting out.

For example, if I ask someone to do something a certain way and they continue to do it a different way, I must either accept it that way, or do my best to show them (from a loving space) why it is helpful the other way. And in the end (outcome), whatever they choose is theirs and accept it as is… See, people don’t really hear the words coming out of our mouth, they feel the vibration of them. If I ask the person numerous times to do something a certain way and I ask them with “sweet-sounding” words, but my thoughts are, “You’re a jerk!” or “Why can’t you just do it my way?” then of course I will be met with resistance because I am in a state of resistance with their way of being.

So really, why do we feel the need to control or be attached to other people’s experiences or take their “shit” personal?

Why do we choose to attach ourselves to the outcome of any situation?

Why do we get defensive when someone does not see things our way?

Well, it could mean that we hold some belief of self-importance or that our beliefs are better than others. It could also be connected to the belief that control is actually real, HA! Are we totally in control of any experience in this life? I could get into my car after writing this article and be killed in an accident. Sometimes the Universe has other plans for us. All of these labels and ideas aside, I believe it all boils down to not feeling good enough about ourselves or the experiences we choose. And instead of holding ourselves accountable for the decisions we make, we choose to blame others. And this lack of responsibility only adds to the already negative feeling of “being wrong” or “not being right” in our mind.

I ask you to consider what the mind is really good for in the decisions that we make day to day. I ask you to consider how any of the thoughts in your head serve you and if they are loving or unloving. All these thoughts that we have become the experiences in our lives. On average, every human being has about 60,000 thoughts per day, but we only tap into about 128 of them. Some of the beliefs we hold onto so tightly in the mind are what create wars in this world. The belief that the color of our skin, our religion, or where we come from is somehow better than another only keeps us separate. When we believe that one way of being is the only way we put ourselves in a constant state of resistance and make it seem impossible to ALLOW ALL of IT to exist in HARMONY.

What if we all just saw each other as “Human”? We don’t have to agree with anything that another does or believes, but what if we allowed them their experience without judgment or criticism? You may only be “one” person in this world, but we are all made of the same stuff and come from the same energy. So, it IS possible to change this world by changing your thoughts and perception of the journey we call LIFE! Everything is possible with the shift in one persons’ perspective and then power in numbers as we continue to share more loving feelings and ways of being.

So, what do you choose today? Are you unsure of how to move forward in a more positive and loving way? Are you unsure of how to shift those thoughts not serving you anymore? Are you unsure how you feel in general about your life and are seeking more clarity?

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