Every human being is completely open when they come out of the womb. There are no perceivable obstructions or chatter in the mind. There is no fear of seeing something new and taking it all in. The path in front of us is clear and we move forward on it without hesitation. Crawling, stumbling, walking, running… anything we can experience and soak up to further our evolution. Until one day, our consciousness opens a little more and we see things from a different perspective. We become aware of the energy that we are and the energy that surrounds us in a different way. We begin to use words to communicate instead of noises, feelings, and gestures. We experience a parent telling us “no” or that something is “bad”. Then, we have a sense of something not being “good” and our entire experience changes and the word “open” takes on a whole other meaning.

The word “open” has many different connotations depending on the context. Being open, can be connected to being vulnerable or susceptible to something. Being open, can mean being free from limitations, boundaries, or restrictions. It can also mean being willing to consider all options. The question is, how have our experiences in life guided us too the way we perceive what being “open” really means? For example, for some people, the word “vulnerable” is perceived as a weakness. Personally, vulnerable did not feel good to me until the last few years of my life. Being vulnerable (in my mind) meant that I was unprotected and didn’t feel safe with other people. However, the more I have chosen to be open to the other meanings of vulnerable, the easier it has been for me to actually be ok with this particular state of being.

If we’re gonna BE real about truly being open, we must be willing to consider ALL options, ideas, and ways of being in the world. I am not saying I support racism or prejudice, but I am not here to judge others and their experiences either. I believe that our thoughts and beliefs can be felt by others and if we are carrying any judgments towards anyone else’s “bad” experience, we are carrying the same negative feelings and perpetuating the same thing that we don’t wish to experience. When we choose to be neutral and observe situations, we allow ourselves to release any feelings of resistance to the things that don’t feel “good” to us. And when we are not carrying these negative or resistant thoughts inside and allow ALL to have their experience, we allow harmony to be present.

When we choose to be open to all options, all experiences, and all walks of life, we allow ourselves to open our peripheral vision to see the bigger picture. When we are open to all ways of being, we release any form of resistance that may have been residing within. Being open to all options does not mean that we give up or change our truths. It just means that we choose to be in a state of allowing instead of resisting.

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