When your “work” involves assisting people in seeing a different perspective or way of being, it is interesting to see how you and that person can mirror each other in experiences at times. It is interesting to share a solution with someone that you might want to be considering for yourself as well. Over the last few weeks, I have become acutely aware of how my energy or attitude toward a situation or someone, truly affects what I am experiencing. When I am choosing to be in an unloving place, the world around me responds the same. It really is all about, “what we project, is what we attract” and if we want to change it, we must change our thoughts.

Remember, our thoughts, become things. They are Expansive! Whether the thoughts are “loving” or “unloving” doesn’t matter, they carry out into your life and create the environment. I have many ideas, thoughts, and dreams. Some of these dreams might seem unattainable to others, but I am finding that the more I focus on them, the more they are coming to fruition. The more I am acting in alignment with the creation of these dreams is key. In addition, the more I choose to observe myself instead of reacting to people, the more I am able to share and be heard. Responding with love, when the other is not in a loving space is powerful.

When we are touched by compassion and kindness, we are reminded of our true nature. No one ever truly desires someone else to treat them unkind. I know when I feel angry, it is not my true nature because my body does not feel good physically. The only reason we choose to feel anything unloving in the first place, is because we are choosing to take something personal or we are assuming what the other person is experiencing has something to do with us. All these feelings we choose cultivate the relationships in our lives. Our thoughts and attitude decide how these relationships evolve into loving experiences, or not. These feelings ripple out into the world like waves… check in to see what you’re really sending out as you expand and share your energy.

So how do we expand into more loving ways of being if we’re unaware of the subconscious thoughts that are creating our physical environment?

First, we must acknowledge that we are in fact expansive beings and open ourselves to new perspectives. Science has proven that the Universe is limitless and expansive. I imagine that if we are made of the same stuff as the stars, planets, and galaxies that we must be the same. Our thoughts are energy and energy has no limits. It flows freely through the air. Our thoughts are able to exist outside of us floating through the atmosphere in the same limitless way because they have a vibration that they emit. For example, when you walk down the street and have a feeling about a person walking past you. Maybe that person is having a bad day and they are having some unloving thoughts that you pick up on. Think about a time when you had a “gut instinct” about something or someone. The instinct is not quantifiable, but is considered and followed in most instances.

As we become more aware of the subconscious thoughts in our minds throughout the day, we have the opportunity to change them. I challenge you to check in with yourself at random points and notice the first thought that pops up. Simply notice if it is loving or unloving. Be ok with the thought either way. There is no need to judge or criticize it just be aware of it. If you notice that there are more unloving thoughts popping up, this may be why things aren’t going as you desire. It is because these thoughts carry this negative vibe with them and people feel it, not the words coming out of your mouth. When the loving words and thoughts are in alignment, our environment will be the same. When we are able to see the dark parts and embrace them as much as we do the light, then we are able to expand our energy out lovingly. We must accept every part of our being unconditionally in order to create the good feeling environment we desire.

How are you expanding out into the world today? Do you feel light or heavy? What is the thought in your head right now? How long do you choose to stay in limiting beliefs?

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