As we move through life, we are offered opportunities to be present in each moment. All experiences provide the opportunity to be aware of all the synchronicities around us, but how often are we present enough to see them? The world does not stop because we have a busy day or when we do not feel well. We still have all the responsibilities and to do list waiting for us when we are done being distracted. So how do we balance everything that life puts in front of us when we feel overwhelmed? How do we let go of the negative thoughts that may be keeping us from the feeling of balance in the mind?

Balance is something that is challenging for us all at times. I often wonder how I get things done on a daily basis. I am amazed by my friends that are married with children and manage to get anything done. Maybe it’s not in the timeframe they imagined, but somehow, it all gets done. I have deep admiration for the people working their 40-60 hour weeks and making time to be with their families when they are home. I am very aware, that like balance, everything in life is a conscious choice. However, most of us are actually living the unconscious thoughts streaming through our head during our waking and sleeping hours. We attract each experience and person into our lives with these vibrations. Sometimes they are not what we truly desire, but because we’re not aware of the random thoughts, we continue to attract what we don’t want.

In order to be more aware of what my mind might be thinking, I make time to check in throughout my day with the random thoughts. Check in with yourself right now. What is the first thought that you are aware of? Is it loving? No need to judge what comes up, just be aware of the feeling it is connected to. I believe these thoughts carry a vibration with it and attract more of the same. Being conscious of these ideas and feelings within, allows us the opportunity to change them when we become aware that they are not supportive. In other words, being aware (honest) about our energy (attitude) in the moment is what helps us to shift out of it when it isn’t very positive.

We are able to change our environment by checking in like this to be balanced in a more positive and loving perspective. When we are able to simply be willing to consider the negative thoughts, we place ourselves in a position of allowing. When we stop resisting and begin embracing everything we feel, “good” or “bad”, we cultivate this balance in our lives. As we practice more compassion for ourselves during the process of becoming more aware, the easier it is for us to create the new surroundings we desire.

Another part of being balanced for me, is being grounded. When a person feels grounded, they are able to make decisions more clearly and with confidence. When we are clear, the opportunity for doubt to enter the experience is released. And being clear, is really trusting the decision we’re making. Practicing being grounded is as simple as removing our shoes and walking out in nature. It’s standing on the beach with our feet in the sand and hearing the waves crashing down around us. It’s feeling the vibration of the earth and all that we’re made of under our feet. It’s making time to visualize and feel the roots at the bottom of our feet deeply connecting into our foundation. And when we’re grounded, we remember our direction. Balance is a loving state of being.

How are you being balanced these days? Are you challenged to make time to care for yourself? I am able to assist you in seeing another way. I am able to provide a different perspective, if you’re willing. I’d love to connect with you and hear what you have to share.

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