Since the end of February, I have been experiencing masses of change and big realizations about myself and my journey. I realized I have been telling myself that change is really fucking hard! Then, I realized I was just making it that way in my head. All the changes that have occurred are amazing and so very loving (even when they don’t feel good). The changes have brought with them a different perspective to consider. The new view I have had of myself during this time has not been the most challenging. The most challenging has been the processing period that comes along with it. The challenging part of this period is that it is not always defined or seem to have an end in sight. I am not a person that is super concerned about planning, but it is comforting to have some idea of where I’m headed. I feel like most people feel more secure in the sense of reaching a destination or achieving a goal. So, without a clear view or the sense of security as change occurs, how do we choose to move forward with  confidence?

In my experience, clarity comes when I make time to be quiet and connect within. But in the last couple months, I have not made time to do so very often. I have allowed myself to be consumed by the outside world and have not paid attention to what is most beneficial for me in a balanced way. Balance being the key word here. Just like at the beginning of a new relationship when we are exploring each other and enjoying being connected with another. This getting to know you period is so sweet and tender, but it can make us forget about the responsibilities to ourselves. Sometimes we forget how important self-care (love) is for us all. Remember, if the oxygen mask ever falls from the ceiling in front of you on the plane, you better put it on first so that you are able (aware) to help yourself, then others.

When we intertwine our soul and energy with another (platonic or otherwise), it is important to allow each to indulge in this new perspective, and also be clear that we are still an individual. Don’t get me wrong. I believe we are all one and from one source energy. However, I also see us and this Universe as a big puzzle and each human as one of those puzzle pieces. Every person being here as their own representation of the Divine. In order to regain clarity of self, I practice “cutting cords” with people. The act of cutting cords is an act of self-love. I work with the mind to create a visual of the person I am wanting to be non-attached to and I see the cords connecting us and I cut them. My intention in doing so, is to lovingly give the person back their power and to lovingly take back my power. We energetically connect with people all day long. This is part of life, but most are not aware that the cords remain if not processed and this is why we feel depleted at times.

Being aware of our intentions is really what allows us to make decisions with clarity. I always ask myself, “How does this make my heart feel?”. I also check in with the feeling of my intentions. Are they loving or unloving? You know exactly where you’re coming from when you ask these questions. You know because you feel it in your physical body. It either feels fluid, you tense up, or your stomach churns. Maybe your heart or chest physically hurt? These are indicators of the space in which you are operating. I remind myself that there is nothing wrong with being in an unloving space, but how does it serve me to stay there? Simply be aware that you are there, then choose to be grateful for the moment of awareness and move forward in that new “gratitude” state of being.

What I have found in my experience is that clarity is not illusive unless you believe it to be. When we choose to be confused or overwhelmed by something or someone, we are giving our power to it. When we don’t take the moment to breathe and observe ourselves in the experience, we are letting go of the opportunity to be clear in what we are truly feeling. If we are able to see “why” we are choosing to feel a certain way, then we can address it and move forward. It really boils down to choice. You choose what is loving or unloving and both will serve you on your journey, but one always feels better.

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