The Art of BEing… STILL.

What does stillness mean for you? The dictionary says, “not moving or making a sound”, but many clients that I work with seem to equate it to being “stuck”. The idea of stillness seems to be painful and a waste of time for them. In my own experience, I have found being still to be very grounding. And, in being grounded, I am able to find clarity before moving forward in anything. I admit, it was not always this way for me while working as an Office Manager in High Tech. Any administration job requires you to be a master of multi-tasking, which I am a master of, but I was unaware that incorporating stillness could help me accomplish even more.

I am still challenged to schedule time into my day to be still and listen. Although, I am finding that spending an hour in meditation is not necessary every day. What is working for me at the moment is taking 15 minutes in the morning when I wake to visualize myself being grounded and placing protection around me. I like to see tree roots growing from the bottom of my feet connecting me deep into the core of the Earth. I also breathe white light into my body, place a violet flame of unconditional love on my heart, and surround myself with a gold protective light. As I’ve shared before, our minds are very powerful tools. When we give the mind a loving task to focus on, it will continue with the energy of that thought. As it stays with that thought, you then begin to project that loving vibration out into the world.

I am also finding that taking a moment to be still with my food before I eat has helped me to digest better. I’ve been practicing Reiki for 10 years, but until recently, I never considered doing energy work on my food… which really just means to take a moment and be grateful for the bounty and bless it. Before I eat, I hold my hands over my food and set the intention of it being filled with Love and Nourishment. I ask that my body be filled with the same energies. I also set the intention for my body to digest all that I eat with ease and that I absorb all the nutrients that I require in that moment. And if you consider all the pollution, poisons and pesticides surrounding us, it couldn’t hurt. Again, we’re engaging the mind and asking it to focus on something loving and projecting that energy out. If you really focus your attention, you can actually feel the loving energy flowing out through your hands.

If we simply take time throughout our day to focus our intention (be still) we radically change our world in these moments. Remember, everything is energy. We have a relationship with everything around us. Doesn’t it make sense to connect for a moment and say, “Hi”? For example, I say hello to my car when I get in it. I thank it all the time for getting me to and from my destinations safely. I’m not saying that if I don’t, it won’t, but we all love being appreciated. It doesn’t matter whether the thing you are being still with is human or inanimate, the intention of being still gives us a moment to collect ourselves and move forward with a sense of direction… maybe even some gratitude sprinkled in there too.

It is important to make time to be still with our bodies and listen to what they are telling us. I believe many experiences with dis-ease or pain within can be prevented when we take the time to be connected. Our body and mind are speaking constantly, it makes sense that giving them time to be still would be beneficial for our health and sanity. Being still for me is a “reset button”. It allows me to be more aware of my thoughts and if they are loving or unloving. Being still allows me to be grounded and make decisions from a conscious place.

What does “stillness” mean for You? If it is uncomfortable for you, ask “why?”. If you’d like some guidance into being more comfortable with the idea, connect with me (408-398-8956) for a FREE Clarity Session today!