Momentum, or the impetus gained by a moving object, can be highly illusive when it comes to being human. Speaking from my own experience, I have found myself to be a master of procrastination and disorganization when I feel momentum ramping up. Momentum can feel intimidating when it is guiding us (pushing us) into the unknown. Why do people seem to be so uncomfortable with the “unknown”? I can say for myself that the momentum triggers feelings or beliefs that I am not ready to see sometimes. Feelings of being worthy of the amazing things flooding in. When this happens, I have found myself resisting the movement and even moving out of the flow of abundance streaming in with the momentum of my actions. Why would a person move out of the flow when things are starting to get exciting?

I feel like most of us on the planet are from the club “waiting for the other shoe to drop” and are moving through life with this belief. If I carry this belief with me, then statistically, mathematically, out of the other 7 billion people, there must be others believing the same. We are vibrational beings. Humans are made of frequency and water. We are energetic beings projecting our thoughts through our own unique vibrational patterns. The energy of our thoughts and feelings is what others notice. Words are powerful, but the energy behind them can tell a different story if you’re really listening, feeling, really.

In this life, I have chosen to swim upstream for most of it. I always felt like I had to learn things all on my own. When people told me to “learn from other people’s mistakes”, I thought they were weak. I thought it made that person less for not doing it themselves. I have also found that this method can lead to learning the hard way when it may not be necessary. I do not regret any of the experiences that I have chosen, but I realize now that there is always another option. There is always a more loving way of living with awareness. Meaning that with awareness we have choice and that is the gift of the present moment.

So maybe if a person sees momentum with awareness it would cease to be intimidating when things speed up? Imagine seeing yourself jumping into a rushing river that is carrying you to the sea and you are able to see every rock or branch under the surface and have the ability to navigate around them. While in the flow of any experience, we may not have all the answers, but we do have intuition. Feeling our dreams into our lives allows the unknown to be exciting. It gives us permission to be creative and let our guard down. Maybe letting go of the “right” or “wrong” of the unknown could be helpful. All we’re really doing is making decisions. Maybe we stick with the decisions that feel right for us and let go of the judgment when they don’t work out the way we thought they would.

Momentum allows change to occur more rapidly and there is no time like the present. Some of us will not wake up tomorrow morning. Do you feel like you’ve lived a fulfilling life? Do you make time to do the things you’re passionate about? Do you enjoy your life? If the answer is “no”, you may want to consider making some different decisions that are more supportive in providing the experiences you desire. If it helps, make a list and make the time to actually do the things you love. If you’re not quite sure where to start or believe you “can’t”… Give me a shout and we’ll figure it out. Remember, we are the change we wish to see in the world. Start with yourself and allow the ripple effect to gain momentum from the example that you choose to set.

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