When you think of the word “abundance”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it large sums of money flowing into your bank account? I see myself being showered with gifts, but abundance comes in many forms. The word “abundance” may also be connected to things that don’t feel good. No matter the form of it flowing into your life, I find it is important to embrace it. Allow it all in without resistance. Even if it is connected to the things that we are not really wanting to invite into our lives, like anger, resentment, or irritation. I don’t mean to allow a constant flow of anger all the time, but if we are unable to acknowledge that we were feeling angry in the moment then we never truly let it go.

When we are interacting with the world around us, there is an abundance of unconscious thoughts moving through our minds and the minds of others. In my own experience, I have found there is sometimes a laundry list of things to do or I’m thinking of a response for the person in front of me. It makes me wonder if any of us are truly giving our full, undivided attention anymore. How do we navigate the constant stream of thoughts in the mind while focusing on one specific thing? I feel like this constant barrage of thoughts can make a person crazy and I believe that is a fact for a lot of people. However, it does not have to be the truth.

When we focus our attention to the “facts” of an un-pleasurable situation or experience, we are validating it and stating that it is so. And yes, it may be “so” in that moment, but if it’s not resonating, you have the power in that present moment to change. A person is given the opportunity to learn from that uncomfortable place, or not. It is the opportunity to remember the feeling if it occurred again so you are able to not make the same “mistake” twice. We are given the opportunity to make different decisions. Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong”, there is only loving or unloving. Call me crazy, but making decisions that feel loving might make life a bit more enjoyable.

The truth about “facts” is that they limit us and keep us from thinking outside the box. When you add one plus one it equals two, or does it? I have some friends who just had twins which actually made 1+1=4. I know that is simply my perspective, but how much more fun is the second equation? Yes, let’s work with the facts when solving mathematical equations, but also allow ourselves to be creative. I mean we are amazing, intricate pieces of both art and math.

Let go of the “fact” that someone may never agree with anything you believe. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. The “facts” are what humans like to “compartmentalize” in the brain. The files and files of shit that get pulled up any time an un-pleasant memory is brought to the surface. Instead of choosing to be angry at the “facts”, simply acknowledge them for what they are at that moment and then choose a new way of moving forward. When we become more aware and conscious of our thoughts more (loving) options are presented to us.

So how might you be limiting abundance in a loving form into your life? Do you have an abundance of the same experience that doesn’t feel good happening over and over and you can’t figure out, why? I suggest you start asking yourself, “How does this make my heart feel?”, when making decisions from this point forward. See, the heart doesn’t lie. It is the quiet space we go when we feel pure, unadulterated joy and love. It is where that euphoric feeling begins and spreads out into the body like the ripple in still water when a drop hits it. This is how we truly communicate with each other and the Universe. It is the vibration of our thoughts that we share.

What is your Vibrational Fingerprint? If you’re interested in understanding more about how to see your energy and how you may be creating certain experiences in your life, connect with me to schedule a free clarity session to learn how to reclaim your power in a loving way.