Focus. The center of interest or activity. How often do we set an intention to do something and become distracted and never accomplish it? Every January the year begins and we set resolutions and dive into achieving them (for about a month) then go back to the routine (pattern) we were practicing before. There is nothing “wrong” with this, but how is a person going to change anything in their life by repeating the same pattern? Well, I guess I am assuming everyone wants to change and grow. It is entirely possible that some people did not sign up for the “enlightenment tour”, but how do we change our world without changing the thoughts and patterns that we practice?

The mind is a powerful tool. We create this world with our ideas and dreams. We build communities. We build bridges. We build homes. We create loving, or unloving environments. What is your focus right now in this moment? What are you creating with your thoughts while reading this right now? I imagine there was something behind the scenes in addition to contemplating the words here. Maybe you were brought back to a memory related to this topic. We may be reading this article, but the mind usually has another focus. Again, there is nothing “wrong” with this, but how can we give something or someone our undivided attention this way? How can we create or understand clearly one thing, while focusing on another?

I was an office manager for many years in High Tech companies. I can attest that being a “multi-tasker” is a sought-after skill in this arena. There are so many tasks that administrative staff are expected to be responsible for, but is this skill beneficial when it comes to being a master of something? What was the last thing that you set out to learn or be, but never gave it your full attention? Let me go one step further, “You chose not to give it your full attention”. Why? If it was truly something that you were passionate about what kept you from accomplishing it? Maybe a parent or someone else told you that idea was crazy or that you would never be able to achieve a certain goal. Whatever the root cause, just know that it is possible to change this pattern or belief that you are practicing.

When we focus our attention, we create “unbending intent” around our vision. No one and no thing can come between us and that vision. Tony Robbins is one of my favorite examples of this concept. I am fascinated and inspired by the way he has focused his entire life to helping people find their joy and manifest their dreams. He is continuously studying and discovering new ways to share the tools and skills he has worked with to create the changes he wanted to see in the world. Yes, he is a multi-millionaire. He also shares millions of dollars with people around the world every year. He feeds the hungry and donates to build homes for the homeless. We are all deserving of millions. The difference between most of us and Tony, is that we do not feel worthy to receive the abundance in whatever form it shows up in.

So how do we focus during our creation process?

In my own experience, I find that visualization is helpful. I give the mind a focal point and by doing so I am giving it a responsibility. If I find my mind wandering, I immediately return to the picture I asked it to focus upon. It can be a symbol or a happy place as the focus. We are engaging the mind in something other than “the chatter” or the “voices in our head. If I find that I am unable to go back to what I am creating visually in that moment, I allow myself to be ok with it and come back to it later. If we get caught up in how we “think it should be” we have lost focus anyway.

I also find writing to be helpful when focusing my energies into something. When we put our ideas and thoughts in writing we are creating an energetic imprint in the physical world. Just like when we sign a contract, we are committing to ourselves and whatever we are wanting to create. Every bridge and skyscraper built has schematics and measurements to follow for the physical manifestation. I am amazed by the ancient archaeological sites around the world and how they have stood the test of time. I am also amazed at how our modern architecture pales in comparison. I wonder if conscious focus on the earth and connection to it had anything to do with the structure longevity then, compared to now? Would that focus in the creative process make a difference now?

Whatever we’re dreaming or visualizing, I’ve found that one of the main ways we are able to create our thoughts in the physical is to let go of the picture in our head once we have created it. Yes, this seems counter-intuitive if you are visualizing, but consider whether it’s possible there may be something even better that wants to come through. Usually, our first ideas evolve into other possibilities and they continue to build one on top of the other. Work with the mind to see what you desire and allow the magic to enter the equation as well. Choose to be aware and follow the synchronicities that this life shares with us every day. Maybe you choose to let go of the belief in coincidence and choose to believe that you are a master of manifesting? Either way, it is perfect.