Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which someone who feels the “victim” undergoes a change of feeling and attitude toward another who has perceivably done something that caused them to feel offended. Many people are inclined to hang onto this victim mentality. However, when we let go of the un-loving feelings (i.e. revenger, anger,


The Art of BEing… MOMENTUM

Momentum, or the impetus gained by a moving object, can be highly illusive when it comes to being human. Speaking from my own experience, I have found myself to be a master of procrastination and disorganization when I feel momentum ramping up. Momentum can feel intimidating when it is guiding us (pushing us) into the


The Art of BEing… ABUNDANCE

When you think of the word “abundance”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it large sums of money flowing into your bank account? I see myself being showered with gifts, but abundance comes in many forms. The word “abundance” may also be connected to things that don’t feel good. No

The Art of BEing… FOCUS


Focus. The center of interest or activity. How often do we set an intention to do something and become distracted and never accomplish it? Every January the year begins and we set resolutions and dive into achieving them (for about a month) then go back to the routine (pattern) we were practicing before. There is