I worked in corporations as an Administrator and Office Manager for 20 years. I have a business degree, I had a “career”, but always knew there was some other way of being in service that better suited me. Ten years ago, I began studying and practicing energy work (Reiki) while continuing work at these corporations. I got my massage certification and learned about sound therapy as well. All these modalities are part of my practice today, but it wasn’t until I started seeing the energy behind what we are experiencing that I understood how to change things. I began to understand how to change my environment by changing the way I was thinking.

One of the main issues I address with my services now is the fact that most people are unaware of their energy (attitude) and the patterns (anger, resentment, jealousy) they might be practicing in their lives. Human Beings have always had issues with this because we are not taught about this concept in school or in the work place. We might be asked to be more “politically correct” at times, but people aren’t hearing the modified words coming out of our mouth, they are feeling the actual thoughts we are thinking. In addition, most people are going to work and simply completing a check list of things to do and when there’s not enough time to do it they become stressed. When a person feels stress, they are unable to feel free to do other more fulfilling things. And when they do make the time to do them, they are usually thinking about the things they didn’t get done at work that day. Most are never fully present in anything they are doing which is the imbalance they and others are feeling, but not fully aware of.

It is important to address the concept of being more conscious and aware of ones thoughts and what they may be projecting out on a subconscious level. The underlying stream of consciousness is what people in your environment are feeling and picking up. Understanding that our words are powerful is great, but our energy (attitude) is what people are feeling and reacting to. If employees are unable to see how they may be contributing to a challenging experience with another employee or their manager, they will never be able to change, grow, and evolve. We must acknowledge our part in the interactions with others first, in order to change the outcome.

If people are unable to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, the line of communication is shut down. When there is no communication or it is difficult or awkward and the check list never gets completed, the vicious cycle of never having enough time to do anything continues. People are not able to be present in each moment. Which means they’re not hearing anyone when they’re speaking because they’re thinking about a response (future thoughts) to defend themselves or about the list that isn’t completed. We must come back to ourselves and our energy (present attitude) first in order to leave blame behind and move forward.

So how do we change? How do we become aware of the un-serving patterns?

We create a safe space within the work place for employees to gather and connect on a different level through the subconscious mind. We allow communication without words or distractions. We work with Sound and Meditation in a group setting to connect on a higher plain where un-serving thoughts do not reside. We provide a space to rest, relax and re-collect ourselves so that we are able to re-enter our work life in a more balanced, grounded and centered way.

I have been practicing this way of creating spaces of growth and evolution for 10 years now. Spaces for individuals and groups. I know the corporate culture and how stressful it can seem at times. I am able to create these spaces where ever I go and I’d love to assist you in creating a more harmonious environment for your company as a whole. I am at your service and I look forward to connecting with You.