Every morning we wake up, open our eyes, and see the world again. No matter how much we meditate, exercise, and heal, there will always be that little voice in the back of the mind telling us we’re doing something “wrong” or that we could be doing something “better”. All of us humans hear these voices and most of us take them to be our own. We make these words of “wrong” and “better” our truth, instead of asking, “How does my Heart feel?”.

When we are “thinking” we are in the mind. Thinking is necessary at times, like when we drive our car or solve a math equation, but most of us are thinking when we are processing through emotions and dealing with people. What we seem to forget in this process is that the ego lives within the mind and can create a sense of doubt because we are thinking instead of feeling. I’m not saying the ego is “bad”, it is a part of this human experience and without it we don’t make mis-takes and without mis-takes, we don’t learn and grow. It is not possible to evolve into our highest potentials and biggest dreams without it. However, it is beneficial to be able to discern between the voices of the head and the voice of our heart to move into feeling more when making decisions.

When I talk about the “voices in the head”, I am referring to the ones that are usually screaming at us. These voices or thoughts are the ones that make our body tense up, our guts churn, and make us feel “not good enough”. We know when we are feeling confused it is because we are caught up in the screaming and not listening to what the heart is saying. The question is not whether this is “right” or “wrong”, the question is, “Are these loving and supportive thoughts?”.

When we become more aware of our energy or attitude at any given moment, we are able to make a choice. We are able to stop, listen, BREATHE, and check in with how the physical body is feeling. When we experience dis-ease or pain within the body we can know that we are practicing, believing these unloving thoughts. The ego loves creating confusion. It works with these unloving beliefs to remain in the driver’s seat. The ego is subtle and learns the patterns that we practice. It becomes adept at tricking us into believing that the work is done, but life continues and so does the work. We must choose be aware and acknowledge our own energy if we desire change in our lives. We can not go to the chiropractor for one adjustment and expect everything to work well without further treatment. We must explore different perspectives and be open to new loving thoughts and ways of being.

Now, I am not saying we are doomed because we hear the voices in our head. What I am saying is lets choose to be conscious of our thoughts. Lets choose to listen to the loving thoughts and let go of the unloving. Lets choose to not judge or criticize ourselves or others. Let us choose to be accountable for how we create experiences in our lives with our thoughts. Remember, our thoughts become things. We have an idea or a thought and we share it with others to create here in the physical world. The same mind we use to build walls and skyscrapers is the same one that is able to create loving relationships when in communication with the heart. We are able to create anything our hearts desire when we come from that space.

What if we all chose to make decisions with compassion instead of the ego, or need to be right mentality?

What if we saw each other as the innocent child we once were and still are on the inside?

What if we saw everything in life with child like wonder instead of thinking there is an ulterior motive?

Imagine how different this physical experience and world would be… Yes, please imagine with me. There is Power in Numbers my Loves! I see it changing already.