This is a simple yet very effective exercise that helps us to let go of feelings that no longer serve us (i.e. anger, frustration, resentment). I was taught this technique every year for 4 years by my Toltec teacher. It was not until the 4th round of the class that I “got it”. It was so simple, I could not allow myself to believe that it would actually work. My brain seemed to not want to allow the information in, but I remember the moment that I heard it like it was yesterday. My world changed. My perception changed. I was able to observe myself in most situations and not react. It was strange and empowering at the same time.

When we practice this exercise we are showing ourselves love. We are loving ourselves in a very powerful way. We are saying that it is ok to have feelings and to even feel bad sometimes, but we are not letting ourselves become completely overwhelmed by these feelings. When we choose to feel overwhelmed, we are stressing the body, mind, spirit. And usually, the person or thing we are pointing our finger at have no clue or are simply not affected by our experience. So who are we hurting in the end?

In addition, I learned there are only two stories in life… “fear and lack” or “love and light”. There is no gray area with feelings. When something truly feels good, we are in the love story. We feel love, abundance, joy, confidence, gratitude. We ask our heart how it feels and we feel the answer. When we are experiencing something in the fear story like anger, depression, resentment we can ask our heart how it feels and it will tell you the truth every time. The voices in our head may try to justify feeling these for longer than necessary, but how long do you really want to hang out in the proverbial shit pool?

As I stated earlier, the exercise is simple and very powerful when you practice it impeccably. Meaning, you practice every time you feel “fear & lack” until it becomes second nature. When you are feeling something that is not “love & light”, when you are in the “fear & lack” story, acknowledge that feeling or moment. By observing the feeling you give yourself a chance to actually see why you are choosing to feel a certain way. To be responsible for your actions. In that moment, you are actually changing the pattern within your brain because you are doing something different than usual. You are not choosing to react, but to observe.

When you are doing the acknowledgment, actually say out loud or to yourself… “I acknowledge that I am feeling unworthy, unloved, unapproved of”… whatever it may be.

Welcome the feeling up, sit with it for a moment, be OK with it. You must be ok with any feeling you experience in order to completely let it go. There are no short cuts in being impeccable. Make the time to process the feelings in the present moment… It is the only time we have the opportunity to change our attitude and environment.

Take a deep breath in through the nose and release through the mouth. I usually breathe 3 times. The number 3 represents full circle or completion, but if you would like to breathe more, then do so until you feel you have let whatever it is go with the breath. And remember to breathe deeply. Breath is our connection to life. We bring oxygen to the brain, to the blood, without it, we do not have this physical experience.

When you acknowledge your feelings, you acknowledge your experience, you validate yourself, and this is loving yourself. We are looking inside instead of to someone or something external to say, “You’re ok”. Welcoming it up allows you to accept things exactly as they are without judgment. This allows for easy release because you’re not holding onto it anymore. Breath is our connection to life. Be aware of your breath throughout the day. Do you find yourself holding your breath sometimes? Check in occasionally and breathe deeply.

Also check in and see what story is being told in your head at any given moment. Does the thought come from fear or love?  How does the thought make your heart feel?  If it doesn’t feel good, you know you are not in the “love & light” story.  Acknowledge the feeling, fill yourself with light, tell a new story, and move forward. The past does not exist anymore. It has no power unless you give it power.

Leave the victim, the judge, and the “need to be right” out of it… they do NOT serve You.

And if you do none of the above… That’s OK… No need to judge… Just remember to BREATHE 😉