The Story

The story we tell day to day about our life creates our experiences. What are the words you’re using to describe your life? Are they loving? Are they positive? How do the words make you feel while you’re telling it? You can gauge the energy you are putting out by the way you feel when you’re telling a story. Usually, if it doesn’t feel good your experiences will follow the same pattern. The pattern you’re practicing of love or of fear. These are really the only two stories in life. When we tell a loving story we feel good. When we tell a negative or fearful story we don’t feel good. There really is no gray area… Which story are you telling?

Patterns or habits are what all humans practice. We choose to be a certain way or practice a pattern of something that doesn’t feel good, but rarely stop to see why. Our words, feelings and thoughts (our energy) are all projected out into the Universe and are reflected back to us. If you’re experiencing something that doesn’t quite resonate stop and ask what your energy or attitude is in the moment. The Toltecs practice being “the observer” to see their energy in any situation. If a person is able to step into this role and see themselves as they are experiencing something they will be able to change their environment with awareness and practice.

Moving into the observer version of you (your higher self) is an easy exercise. Simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ask to see this version of you. The first time I did the exercise I saw my observer show up behind me on my right side. Now it shows up directly in front of me, face to face. No need to judge where it shows up just be aware of it. Feel what it feels like to just observe. If negative thoughts come through, acknowledge, welcome them and let them go. Remember, you are only observing you in the experience.

Once you are able to be the observer you are able to be without judgment or criticism. You are able to really see yourself and what you are feeling. The observer only observes. Imagine how much more simple life would be without the labels of “good” or “bad”. A person simply has their experience and moves on like a child who had a toy taken away. They cry for a moment and move forward without holding a grudge. The longer we hold on to patterns of anger, frustration or resentment the more we manifest it in our lives. The pattern is what we know and this is comforting. However, if you’re in the comfort zone all the time is this most beneficial? How is it possible for anyone to grow without making a few “mistakes”? And mistakes are just experiences we choose to re-direct us back to the path when we’ve taken a detour.

It all comes back to the words we choose to tell our story no matter what the “facts” are at the time. The facts may be that I have little money and feel unable to do the things I want to do. If I continue telling these facts to everyone, all the time, then I am perpetuating this lack in my life financially. I am limiting what Source wants to provide me because the energy I am putting out is one of not having. I am carrying the belief that I am not provided for and the Universe responds with the same energy. Contrary to what most people believe, God is conspiring with us, but It is not concerned with good or bad. It is only giving you what you’re asking for on an energetic level. So be aware that your words or actions are in alignment with your heart. Meaning, if there are sweet loving words coming from your lips, but your thoughts are ones of frustration then what are you most likely to get in return?