Feelings vs. Emotions

So what is the difference between a feeling and an emotion? As humans, we feel many things throughout the day. We wake up, we have our first thought, which leads to the first feeling. Maybe that first thought went something like, “Man! Today is gonna be a crappy day!” If this is the tone you’re setting then guess what kind of a day you are creating? We attract whatever energy we’re putting out into the world and our thoughts are manifested into our lives.

Feelings are meant to flow, to be fluid, to pass. It is normal to feel things that don’t “feel good”, it is part of our experience in this physical realm. It’s part of what we came here to learn. The question is, “How long do you choose to stay with a feeling that doesn’t feel good?” Better yet, “Why do we choose to not feel good?” There are many answers to these questions depending on who you ask. However, if you peel back all the layers of the onion you will find that it comes down to “not feeling good enough”. Once this thought gets into the mind the ego goes wild with it. The voices in the head can become deafening and ultimately, overwhelming. I believe this is where the feeling turns into emotion.

When we have a negative or unloving thought and we are not aware of how to flow it the feeling gets stuck on repeat in our head and body. When the feelings get stuck we create a blockage within us energetically and the emotion seems to take control. In actuality, we give it control by allowing ourselves to be consumed instead of letting it go. When we hold a grudge we are stopping the natural flow of love that we truly are meant to be. When we hang onto any emotion that is not loving we limit ourselves from being this pure form.

There are many energy highways within the body called “meridians”. These highways allow our energy (feelings) to flow freely, but when something gets stuck we create a traffic jam. Being stuck in traffic on the highway can create some serious frustration and anger. We see “road rage” on a daily basis. Imagine how we are wreaking havoc on our spirit by staying in this uncomfortable energy or attitude. If we are able to become aware of our actions and own them we are able to let them go. We are able to be free.