Music Is Medicine

Music has always been a huge part of my life. There are many songs that have touched my heart in so many ways. Whether I experienced tears of joy or sadness, the frequencies were invoking something inside of me. The notes being played were allowing me to bring up certain feelings or emotions that were ready to be let go. Human beings hold on to so much stuff (anger, resentment, sadness) without ever realizing the damage they are causing to themselves energetically until it is physically manifested as dis-ease or pain in the body. Crystal bowl sound healing sessions help us to focus our awareness to the energy behind what were are experiencing in the physical. Every experience in our lives is an opportunity to learn and grow (if we choose) to move forward into the next level of our evolution.

Energy is what we’re made of… vibration and water is what we are and science has proven this to be true. What better way to help accelerate our healing process than with crystal bowl sound healing? We use what we’re made of… crystal (petrified water) and sound (vibration), plus our intention to awaken and move the cells in our body to help release any energies that may be stuck. When I speak of energies being stuck, I am referring to energies such as things left unsaid and holding onto anger or resentment. Our thoughts are things. We speak our thoughts and use our voice to create in this physical realm. We put our ideas and dreams out there. The journey of life is remembering that we are all powerful beings able to manifest these dreams. However, we must do the work of clearing the stuck energies of our wounding in order to clear our connection to our higher self (our soul) for the information to flow freely.

Music goes even deeper. As Joan Borysenko wrote, “You might say that we are music. Our heartbeat is a rhythm track pulsing through our veins; our voice is the melody that resonates as we speak; our health is the harmony of our body and mind; and our breath is the silence that allows our bodies to rest.” Crystal bowl sound healing helps us to connect with the memory that we are so much more than this physical body. The process reminds us that we have the power to BE whatever we imagine with our intention accelerated with sound. Our dreams, our health, amazing relationships with ourselves are all possible if we are willing to let go of how we thought things should be and allow them to be exactly what they are… perfect experiences in every moment.