Healing with Sound

Everything is Energy… Everyone is Energy.  We are all unique vibrational beings bringing our own special energy to this experience here on Earth.  Everyone is a healer and has the capacity to share their healing energy (LOVE) with others and themselves.  Love not as a feeling, but a state of BEing.  Healing with Sound helps us go into the deepest areas of our soul to remember this capability within.  Each area of our body resonates to certain frequencies or tones and these sounds assist in re-balancing our systems in this remembering.  The key of “A” for example is connected to our “third eye” chakra between our eyes on our forehead.  This energy center is directly connected to our intuitive knowing, our sixth sense.  By working with this tone we are able to clear and open our mind’s eye to our full potential.

Healing with Sound through our voices is another form of this toning or tuning into our natural frequencies.  When we use our voices or work with crystal sound we are no longer engaging the mind we are engaging the soul.  The mental chatter we tend to experience (the ego) is quieted by the frequencies.  It’s like when we turn on the radio to stop ourselves from thinking sometimes.  We are able to place our focus else where with ease through the sounds.  The ancients provide us with specific keys and vowel sounds connected to teachings in Hinduism and from the Vedics thousands of years ago.  The key of “F” and the sound “AH” (as in “ma”) is connected to the heart chakra.  Singing this sound brings harmony back to this area of the body and allows us to move forward in our healing process.

Music is a universal language.  Human beings are able to share their inner most feelings through it.  Healing with sound makes sense on so many levels.  Rhythms help us to connect to a beat.  The beat makes us want to move in rhythm with each other.  Tens of thousands of people attending a concert together all connected by that one rhythm.  Our bodies are the same… they resonate with certain frequencies.  When they are out of sync we experience “dis-ease” or “dis-comfort” within our physical body.  Sound assists us in returning to our natural rhythm and aids in re-balancing, regenerating, and rejuvenating.