Benefits of Crystal Sound Therapy

Sound is Vibration. When a noise is made it is something vibrating causing the air molecules around it to vibrate. Sound Therapists use these vibrations to bring the body back to its natural resonance. It is the ancient art of sound therapy dating back thousands of years. Evidence from Egyptian hieroglyphs, Roman healing temples, and the didgeridoo of Aborigines all prove that sound healing is believed to be beneficial. Today, doctors use ultrasound to see a baby in the womb and break up kidney stones so they are easier to pass. So why is sound not trusted and used more in a preventative way today?

“While this may all seem a bit abstract at first, its relevance to understanding how harmonics guide the evolutionary process will begin to become clearer after a minute or two. Consider first the fact that spherical stars and planets form out of spiraling clouds of plasma. Then consider that life also grows out of a spiral. We see this in the unfolded Fibonacci spirals of tree branches, the spiral of a chambered nautilus and the spiral of a human embryo. In a very real and physical way, everything emerges out of infinity as a spiral, eventually stabilizing into a harmonic wave or sphere.” (Richard Merrick, Token Rock)

Using crystal sound therapy to raise our vibratory frequencies in our bodies creates an environment where low-vibrating dis-eases can not survive. In addition, we raise our frequencies by laughing, meditating, dancing, and singing. Any action or thought that makes us feel joyful and content. We eat healthy, organics foods that allow our body to heal and burn clean energy. We limit our intake of sugars and processed goods. We exercise! So many things we can do on a daily basis that we are not aware of because human beings get caught up in the mind and the laundry list of “things to do”. Since many people are already experiencing some type of dis-ease in their body it is important to find new ways of preventing us from manifesting into the physical realm.

“Sonocytology is a potentially powerful, diagnostic tool for identifying the sounds of healthy cells versus those of injurious ones. But it introduces an even more exciting prospect: the ability to play the destructive sounds of rogue cells back to them greatly amplified, so that they implode and are destroyed. In this scenario there would be no collateral damage to surrounding cells since healthy cells would not resonate with these frequencies.” (John Stuart and Annaliese Reid, Token Rock)

Crystal Sound Therapy helps us to re-harmonize our being and achieve the following:

  • Achieving peace, balance & harmony
  • Accelerating the healing process
  • Deep Meditative States and Heightening consciousness
  • Sleep enhancement
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing focus, creativity & productivity
  • Aids in releasing old patterns of behavior
  • Improving relationships
  • Promoting your own body’s internal healing system
  • Helping clients to attract what they desire into their life
  • The healing possibilities are infinite just as we are my Lovelies…